We believe that managing events should be made easy for music event organisers and even easier for customers to experience them !

We strive to create solutions for event organisers who are looking for a fully customisable setup with insights that suits their exact needs. Our solutions help cover all of your sales outlets and management processes, hands-free.

We are here to make your event sales & management powerful, simple & easy.


Sell tickets with ease

Allow customers to easily purchase tickets for your events whilst using a variety of user friendly event ticket selling tools & resources.

Receive income upfront

Take back the control of your income when using Stripe or PayPal via Triniq.  We do not touch your funds or refunds, this is all you.

High conversion ticketing

Increase sales with professionally branded, fast loading & responsive event sales pages that are optimised for high conversion rates.

Monitor sales in real-time

Make instant decisions with real time sales reports.  Take advantage of our custom admin dashboards to control the data you see.

Larger selling network

Extend your reach with our Ambassador module to manage networks of worldwide ticket sellers and outlets on & offline.

Facebook Ads Integration

Connect your ads account to Triniq to track exactly which Facebook Ads are converting to improve & maximise your sales.

Manage your events

Create and modify your event’s information, pricing structure, availability, allocations and appearance with our user friendly admin area.

Custom branded etickets

Create unique a unique buying experience for customers with custom designed and QR barcoded PDF tickets for your event.

Full event data export

Retain and download all of your data with our ticketing & customer data exports. Great for gate management and marketing purposes.

Customer Demographics

Understand your customers with our demographics data from your sales including customers age, gender & location.

Upsell with Event Addons

Upsell event extras painlessly by offering transportation, camping, vehicle passes and more with our single page checkout process.


Our guided & personalised training alongside our help center will keep you making the most of the resources available to you via Triniq.


Triniq is a modern-day cloud-based event ticketing and management platform built from the ground up to meet the growing demands of today’s music event organisations.

Triniq is accessible from anywhere in the world to give you full control of your event’s management and insights that suits your exact needs.

Besides our easy to use sales platform, we also offer a variety of unique services to help you run your events smoothly and with maximum efficiency. All under one umbrella.

Our management solutions and expansions are based on a per event plan where your data never gets lost.  Clear, honest, transparent and dependable.

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